Wet RGBA brushes in Krita 5 Beta

I’ve finally made some time to try the new wet RGBA brushes in the Beta version of the upcoming Krita 5.

I’ll be making a few more studies over the next few weeks to test them out more and I’m recording the process with OBS so I can make some more videos.

Here is an apple study I painted yesterday. My thoughts on the brushes so far are that they are lovely to use and make digital painting for me in Krita more enjoyable. It feels closer to the sort of brushes I got used to using in Corel Painter. It will be interesting seeing what people create with the new brushes.

Anyone who is interested in trying out the new wet RGBA brushes should watch the video below by Ramon Miranda. His free brushes which work with the Beta version of Krita 5 (they won’t work with Krita 4) are available in the video description on YouTube.

On the Krita forum they are also asking people to contribute screen shots and artwork created with the Beta version of Krita for the version 5 release notes.

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