Using XnView MP to make a Slideshow

Here’s a little tip for creating slideshows using a program called XnView MP which could be useful for studying from image references (for artists).

I use this program mainly to view my reference folders but it can also be used as a photo editor.


To make a slide show first navigate to a folder of images you would like to include in the slideshow on your computer. Select the photos you want to include then go to the create menu setting and select Slideshow.


This will bring up a window where you can configure the settings for the slideshow and show you a view of what it will include. You can add more files and folders in the file list setting.


When you are happy with that navigate to the settings tab and configure the slideshow.


If you need help calculating the time setting you could use something like ConvertAll to convert minutes to seconds (also on PortableApps).


After you have configured the settings for your slideshow pressing OK will start the slideshow.


XnView MP can be downloaded for free from their website or from the PortableApps platform here.

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