Using Smoothie 3D

Smoothie 3D is currently available as an online tool or as an app for the iPad. It is a basic 3D model creation tool which is simple to use and primarily aimed at children or complete beginners to 3D. It is one of the first 3D tools I used several years ago. It has sketch based modeling tools and is easy to use.

Screenshot of Smoothie 3D

One of Smoothie 3D’s main features is the ability to draw shapes with a mouse or tablet that are then instantly converted to 3D and can project a background image straight onto the model without the user needing to do manual UV mapping. The program also includes some basic 3D primitive shapes and a revolution mode.

These 3D objects can then be exported out in several different formats or to online 3D platforms and used for augmented reality.

Basic usage guide with annotated screenshots

Top Menu

Project gives you options to start a new file, change settings of the file (public or private) and save the file.


Image is where you can load an image for the reference picture for your model creation. This image will be projected onto the model as you create it.


Exchange is the menu where you can import objects or export them.





smoothie3duserguide4 smoothie3duserguide2

Creating shapes

Smoothie has 3 different object creation modes:





Revolution (like a lathe)


Editing shapes with contour points or bezier controls

Shapes can be edited after they have been created with contour points or bezier controls. This is useful for fine tweaking your shapes to the image texture.


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