The Ice is Breaking

I wasn’t sure whether to go for it or not but I decided to get Corel Painter 2021 via the Humble Bundle Create with Visual Impact deal for Christmas. There are 2 more days for this deal as I write this on the 27th December. Some of the money goes toward charity as well which is great. I wondered if I would miss the extra features they introduced in Corel Painter 2022.

I installed it yesterday and disabled the popups as I’ve mentioned in previous posts regarding Corel Painter.

The brush performance test gave me a really good score for my computer which is nice. I’ll test it out and write more about my experience in the new year.

The program is not so very different from the trial version of 2022 I tested recently. Apart from a few updated features I would say the 2021 version is very similar, well worth £22.29. Thumbs up from me.

Perhaps we will be lucky and they will release the 2022 version on Humble Bundle next year. Cross fingers!

Krita 5 also came out just before Christmas. I’ve installed it and set up my brushes ready for more painting. The blendy brushes (smudge engine) have had an upgrade in this version. They are still not quite as good as Corel Painters Blendy brushes (in my humble opinion) but they are really nice to use.

The general brush performance in Krita has really improved as well. The layer system and transformation tools are light years ahead of Corel Painter. Now I have both programs I’ll be able to mix and match them so it isn’t really an issue.

I always feel like hibernating this time of year, but I feel a new resolve to get painting again.

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