Taking Stock of Resources

As a digital artist with access to the internet I have come across many useful resources over the years. From 2015 to late 2019 I went through a period of being rather obsessed with collecting reference photos, brushes and tutorials both free and paid for. Eventually I settled down and stopped doing this so much once the novelty wore off. It can be time consuming and boring, and the aim after all should be to create things not endlessly collate things.

Gumroad was and is still a great source for finding resources and tutorials created by both industry and hobbyist artists alike.

Here are some of my favorite (free) resources for digital art I found over the years from Gumroad. I’m sure there must be more if I looked, but I haven’t been in the mood to do that sort of thing for a while. You get to a point where you have to stop looking at what others are doing and just do your own thing anyway.

Wootha (now all of his art is under Public Domain, I wasn’t expecting that to be honest)

Mac Smith Brush Pack

Sephiroth Art

Justin Oaksford’s Brushes

Florian Aupetit

Melanie Delon’s Brushes

Johis’s Fur Brushes

Deiv’s Photoshop Painting Brushes