Stamp Brushes and Animated Brushes in Krita

I wanted to make a spray brush that used some bubble png images I had made for a picture I’ve been working on recently. David Revoy has a great video walking through how to create spray brushes in Krita using colour images and why you might want to use the technique.

After watching his video and trying it myself in Krita I was able to make my own stamp/spray colour image brush.

I also read some documentation on the Krita website about making animated brush presets. I thought that might be cool because I could get more variation in my brush using that. The tutorial is very good.

Initially I had some trouble getting it to work, however I eventually realised the animated brush stamps only work in the pixel brush engine and I had been trying to create them using the spray brush engine.

The only thing I did different was that I made the image hose tips in Gimp by putting each image on a seperate layer and exporting them as gih. image hose brush files.

Krita has an import option in the brush preset settings that lets you load Gimp image hose brushes. I read somewhere that the animated brushes in Krita are based on the Gimp image hose brush engine but haven’t got as many supported features (yet). As a side note, I hadn’t tried Gimp for a very long time and it looks drastically improved from what I remember. I used the portable apps version.

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