Pen Tablet Settings in Windows 10

Apart from going through all of the privacy settings after installing Windows 10, I have found that changing some of the tablet and pen features in Windows is also worth doing.

I recently re-installed Windows (sometimes it helps sort out broken updates etc.) and found that the default settings for my pen in Windows settings don’t play well with some of the software I have.

These are the settings I have useful to change when using a pen tablet in Windows 10.

These are the things I do:

In Pen and Windows Ink settings choose which hand you like to write / draw with. Disable visual effects and show cursor and enable let me use my pen as a mouse in some desktop apps. Enable ignore touch input when I’m using my pen.

Set the pen shortcuts to “Nothing” (Click once, Double-click and Press and hold).


In the pen settings from the Control Panel Pen and Touch settings

Increase double click speed to fastest (this is optional: most good drawing programs should not be affected by this, but I did find that PD Howler was although the developers denied it was the case).

Make sure Press and Hold is not enabled.


Disable all the Windows tablet touch settings you don’t need, they may interfere with the pen.

As well as changing the pen settings I also found it useful to disable windows ink in my pen tablet driver settings because it was causing problems in some software. Depending on your pen this may or may not be the case.



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