Monitor Calibration

Yesterday I had to help my sister calibrate her monitor and her new drawing tablet. Colour calibration is pretty important for her because she works on colouring in graphic novels.

I use an open source calibration software called DisplayCal which works with my Spyder 4 and her Spyder X device.

We checked the calibrated results afterward on the Lagom LCD monitor test pages.

I’ve done enough calibration for a while, I can see many more colours than I could before on my new tablet. I apologize for the red parrots and the red fighting fish, they are a lot redder than I had realized.

My old monitor didn’t handle the reds anywhere near as well, it was torturous painting in those tones.

dribbblebettafish_compressedI’m still trying to get another goldfish done, but the bright colours are pretty tiring on the eyes, especially in digital form.

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