Krita and OpenGL Flickering Screen Issue

Since re-installing Windows 10 a few weeks ago I took a little time to notice this issue with Krita. I thought it was strange since I hadn’t had the issue before. I noticed that the screen would flicker randomly- only when I was using Krita though. I did a little bit of research on the subject and found it was a known issue with the OpenGL Canvas Graphics Acceleration.

This setting can be enabled or disabled in the configuration settings for Krita.

An easy fix is to disable it, but then you don’t get the benefit of the setting.

Krita opengl setting

I have resolved the issue but I’m not sure whether it was one of these things or a combination that helped.

1: I checked my Nvidia graphics card driver was up to date via the Nvidia Geforce Experience and I also checked optional driver updates in Windows Updates. I had a few driver updates I hadn’t seen before because this is an optional setting on my machine in the Windows Update. Some of these were for my display monitors so it may well have been a factor.

2: I also changed some settings in my Nvidia Control Panel for the Display > Adjust desktop size and position. I set it to Full-screen instead of Aspect Ratio for the monitor I use Krita on.

krita nvidia openg lissue Display

3: Another thing I did (just in case), was to force vertical sync to be on with krita in the Nvidia Control Panel.

nvidia 3dsettings krita

Touch-wood I haven’t had this problem with screen flickering since. It can be tricky to get things running smoothly on a multiple monitor setup but there are usually solutions.