Just one more parrot to go

I’ve edited most of the videos for an upcoming article where I’m comparing my experiences painting a parrot in different digital painting software.

I have one more to go because I decided to give Corel Painter another chance. I’ve been using the free trial for version 2022 over the last few days. It has taken me about 2 days to reacquaint myself with the software and look through all the brushes.

So far I like the new interface changes they made, it is still similar enough to the version I used to use (2012 and briefly 2016 before I abandoned it because of pop up adverts) to pick up where I left off. There are some nice new features and brushes are easier to use with the layer helper feature. I managed to disable the advert pop ups by changing the marketing settings and disabling the scheduled tasks that were triggering them. The process for doing so is similar for doing it in this support answer I found for PaintShop Pro 2020.

Ideally I would like it if Corel Painter took all of the intrusive adverts out of the program altogether, but at least in this version disabling them is possible. Other “promotions” can be disabled in the program by unchecking the options in the brush menu settings. The 2016 version was bugged in this regard and I felt slighted when the 2017 version came out a week later after I’d already paid for an upgrade. At the time I was so annoyed I uninstalled the Painter and started using Krita instead. That turned out to be a good choice anyway because it was so much easier to use and it is more useful for my 3D work.

Anyway I’ve decided to let bygones be bygones and give Corel Painter another chance. I have also learned that my old brush set still works in the new version of Corel Painter which has cheered me up a bit. The oil pastel set I made are so nice to use.

There is a Humble Bundle on at the moment with Corel Painter 2021. I think the 2022 version is a better version to use though. I’ve heard they fixed some of the performance and stability problems with 2021 in the 2022 version and the new features make it a better program than the previous version. The Humble Bundle could be a way to get affordable copy if you don’t already own a copy of Painter, however there are rumbles on the Painter Factory forum that the paper packs they are also bundling don’t work properly. Maybe they will fix that if someone tells them though.

In my opinion the upgrade price for 2022 is still too expensive for what it is at the moment. Don’t get me wrong, I think the software has really improved from the last time I used it and the brushes I missed using are brilliant, but painting software has come a long way since then and the cheaper and even free alternatives make it far less of a necessity to pay so much.

I still have 14 days left on my free trial and a parrot study to do, then I’ll write up what I think some more and release my brush library set again. I’m taking the opportunity to delete some of the less useful brushes and reorganize some of them. If you use Corel Painter 2016 onward you can try my Corel Painter mixed media brushes for free by the way.

Over and out.