Use Photoshop Brushes in Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio had a recent update which lets you import Photoshop brushes and retain very similar settings. I tried this with my brush sets I made for Photoshop and was very impressed.

You can import the abr. files with the import sub tool option from the menu in the sub tool palette or just drag and drop an abr. file into the sub tool palette.

The brushes behaved almost exactly the same as they had done in Photoshop but a lot smoother. There were a few settings I had to tweak with a few of the brushes though.


Some of the marker brushes had a watercolor edge setting applied to them which I had to switch off to get the original effect without it. Not difficult to do though:

Another thing to watch out for is the stroke gap setting on a few of the brushes when first imported was not how I wanted it. Easy solution again- just turn the setting to 0.

If you want your brushes to be smudge brushes you have to turn on the color mixing option in the ink properties of the brush settings and slide “Amount of Paint” and “Density of paint” both to 0.


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