I need to take a bit of a break from writing long articles and making YouTube videos for a few weeks while I work on some 3D and 2D art projects and personal things. Writing takes a lot out of me, and making art is very time consuming and can be challenging as it is.

I hope you understand. I will be back making videos and writing new articles after I’ve taken some quality time out.

I did mention a few times that if anyone wanted to contribute to the blog in the way of letting me know about interesting developments related to digital art that would help me out. As it is I am finding the time needed to do research and write things on my own for this blog very time consuming and impractical. I’m not even sure how many people read the blog or find it useful since I don’t use analytics or social media.

If I happen to come across any interesting news I will write something about it, but please don’t expect new long-form articles or YouTube videos from me for a while.

All the best, Christine.

For those in the know keep drawing the line or connecting the dots, whichever comes first.

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