Glowing Goldfish

Working on a few fish related things lately. I sculpted a goldfish not so long ago (this year is a blur) based off of one of my line drawings I made.

After that I UV mapped and baked the normals in 3D Coat.

Keeping with the goldfish theme I did a 2D painting of one of the line drawings last week. Of course the aim is to do this for the other five drawings eventually.alllinedrawinggoldfishweb_compressed

Here is the one I’ve painted so far:

paintedgoldfish1wipweb_compressedI tried an experiment with a depth map I made from a normal map using Laigter and Awesome Bump for the one on the right. Sort of a sub surface scattering effect inspired by my 3D texturing work so far. I’m not sure it really applies to fish in a water environment, but I thought it looked nice. I may write up a little article in the future, but Ive got some work to do yet and I may come up with a better method by then.

Edit: been trying SpriteIlluminator and made an nicer normal map than before using the editing brushes. I also thought I’d try adding the normal map as a phong normal map filter in overlay layer mode to see what that did.


Over and out.

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