Emission Map Render in Blender

Getting the emission map to work in Blender Cycles render was confusing me but I eventually figured it out (better late than never…). It depends on whether the texture for emission is channel packed or not as to the node settings. I hadn’t realized there was an alpha setting to turn on which is why the exported texture from 3D Coat wasn’t showing in the render.

I also realized that I could have just exported it in the Blender App Link format in 3D Coat which flattens the emission texture and works without the alpha setting needing to be changed in the nodes and avoided that issue all together, but I’m writing it hereĀ  just in case anyone else has a similar issue after exporting the Blender Cycles format from 3D Coat.

I don’t really know why I needed much of a sub surface scattering effect on this Triceratops anyway, but it sort of brightens it up a little which I quite liked.


Here are how the nodes look in Blender:

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