Combining ZBrush and G’MIC Stylize filter

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post I have been trying out NPR renders in ZBrush for the first time this week. I thought they would combine nicely with the G’MIC stylize pencil textures I developed so I did a bit of experimenting in Krita again.

I am quite happy with the results and have a project in mind to use them with.



Sorry (not sorry) for drawing purists out there, I love traditional and digital drawing as well by the way and still do it, its just this technique is handy for 3D work which is why I wanted to use it. If it makes you feel better AI was not involved in any stage of this technique.

I think you could use any 3D software NPR renders for this, not just ZBrush.

If you want to use it use it, if you don’t fine. I know it has been useful for some people so that is why I am sharing these techniques. I don’t like elitism in art, creativity should be for everyone. That is why I write this blog. If these techniques inspire you or help you in your process please share them with someone else.

Thanks for reading.

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