My name is Christine Garner. I’m an Illustrator / digital painter learning 3D skills. This blog was created when I decided to document some of my progress and discoveries from 2016 onward. The blog focuses on my continuing journey learning 3D and practicing digital art skills.

I used to publish the articles I wrote on Medium, but in July 2020 I decided to move the content to my own website to improve accessibility. I used to get complaints about using Medium and things are more customizable on a proper website anyway.

A lot of the old articles that I didn’t think were worth keeping have been removed.

I have no plans to monetize the articles behind a paywall because I would prefer that they are available to everyone. However If you find the content useful you may help support me, it is greatly appreciated as it helps hosting costs and motivates me to keep creating more content.

If you are wondering where I went on social media, I decided it wasn’t worth the effort so I deleted my accounts. I can’t see a reason to return to it.

I have a website with my artwork at

If you want to get in touch my email is