The Art Squirrel is a blog covering various topics relating to art with an emphasis on digital art.

The Author

My name is Christine Garner. I’m a self taught Illustrator and digital artist. I have a website with my artwork at thimblefolio.com.

The Blog

I started writing this blog on Medium in 2016 after I decided to focus more on art and design after working in admin and upon web design projects. I have an Archaeology degree but I decided to do a year long foundation diploma in art around 2014 because art is always something I’ve loved doing but I was not encouraged to go into it. It was interesting going back to school and I had an awesome time, it helped me on the path to recovery after a long bout of depression. I managed to get a distinction grade and decided to start the blog to document my continuation with art. Starting something again in later years is daunting but it helped me find my sense of self again.

I’m not affiliated with any software or resources I mention except my own resources I’ve created and put on Gumroad, Sketchfab, Payhip and Cubebrush.

I write content at my own discretion about things I’m interested in.


If you find the content useful you may help support me by purchasing resources I’ve made or donating a bit of money of you want to. It is greatly appreciated as it helps me with the yearly website hosting costs.