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Hand Made Textures for G’MIC Artistic Stylize

I’ve made a texture pack for use with the G’MIC Artistic Stylize filter for different natural medium effects (mainly dry medium for drawing but a few for watercolour).

They are available on my Gumroad shop here: Handmade textures for use with G’MIC as a free download.

You can use them as described in my recent article. For more tips check out this article as well. I also made a video showing usage here:

The textures include seamless PNG. images for charcoal, pastel, pencil, conte, colouring and carbon pencil and watercolour. One of these sets (pencil, charcoal and pastel) are included in G’MIC.

I made them from scanning handmade tonal studies into my computer and then turning them into seamless patterns. Here are some of the source images for the curious who may want to create their own textures:

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