Hand Drawn Repeating Patterns

I made a set of hand drawn repeating patterns with pen and pencil. They are available on my Gumroad shop here.

512 x 512 and 1024 x 1024 pixel PNG file format image textures included. Normal and inverted versions for each texture in each size (they come with a Diffuse, Normal, Depth, Specular and AO maps for each texture of 512 and 1024 px sizes for use in 3D software).

May 2022 update: I’ve added 4K JPG versions of the textures (4K textures don’t include maps for 3D, they are intended for design and Illustration use)

January 2024 update: I’ve added some “structures” for use in Rebelle 7 (experimental). I have also updated the PBR textures for the 4k textures as well.

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