PDHowler 2024 build 80 features

New Features in PD Howler 2024 build 80

PD Howler 2024 build 80 has added several improvements and new features to the 3D Render Geometry filter and introduces a new feature to the painting brushes which lets you pick up samples from the canvas and use them in brush strokes.

I have made a video looking at these new features which you can watch above.

The Double Load brushstrokes feature reminds me a little bit of the mixer brush in Photoshop. I think It could be a great way to make more custom brushes on the fly and add more interest to paintings.

You can read more about the updates on their newsletter. Be sure to check out their Facebook page as well for sneak peaks on further development.

Developments are ongoing to the 3D PBR render engine in PD Howler. The software is still available at a very reduced post Black Friday sale price on the PD Howler website.

Update 24th December:

Build 83 is now with the following changes

  • New halftone PostFx painting mode
  • New surface material tweaks in the geometry renderer

Update 31st December

Build 87 is now available with the following changes

  • Fixes crash when opening material panel when no object is loaded
  • Fixes bump channel which was non-functional
  • Fixes mis-aligned text string on panel
  • Adds illumination channel
  • Panel opens more quickly

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