Fairy Types 3D rough models render

What I did on my break: Part 2 Fairys

Continuing from my last article I will write about what else I did on my break.

I was using Curvy 3D and Blender with a mouse because I didn’t have access to my normal computer and tablet at home.

I made some rough 3D fairy models and posed them with Mixamo. I rendered them out using Eevee because Cycles was slow on the laptop (needs a graphics card).

Fairy Types 3D rough models render
Renders done in Blender with Eevee

Mixamo is fun for seeing how characters might move about without getting technical with the rigging process. It can be useful for doing basic poses and generic fantasy animations.

The plan is to use these as reference for some fairy Illustrations or paintings (one of my many projects on my to do list).

Thanks for reading.

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