Resource Roundup

December Resource Roundup

Just a few things I noticed this month. These are probably not very recent though, I’ve been out of the loop since leaving social media and I’m not really in a position to keep doing research for the blog at the moment.


Meshrender is a 3D rendering software by the same developer that makes sculpting software Meshmolder. It came out earlier this year but I missed it.

There is a new 3D painting tool in development called Uniform. This is by the same developers who work on an app called CozyBlanket. They plan to release it for iPad first, hopefully for PC as well, I’d love to try it but I’m not into iPads. You can see more updates for this app on their Twitter profile and get an invite into the Beta here.


Rebelle 7 is coming out soon, they have had a sale for preorders all month. I will probably miss the sale because I’m on a break at the moment. I’d like to see more about the features before I upgrade anyway, especially the metallic materials and the structures.

The Affinity Designer 2.3 update has introduced a spiral tool among other useful features. I was using spiral curves I generated using blender and Inkscape in Curvy 3D recently to make snail shells so this is a handy feature to have in Affinity. It is more user friendly (in my opinion) to generate varied spirals in Affinity than either of those tools. I’m sure it will come in handy.

WebbyPaint is a free to use web based painting app by the developer of HeavyPaint. I tried it out the other day for the sake of the blog. I think it is good if you want to work with limits which is a good artistic exercise every so often. I might just stick to pencil, pen and paper for that though personally. WebbyPaint is useful for people with mobile devices but I will stick to my desktop software for the time being. I do like the way the oil paint works with this app and the colour jitter effect is fun. From my point of view it might be useful for quick studies and underpaintings but I have software that can do this sort of effect already so I probably won’t use it again unless I get a mobile device with a pen one day.

Talking about desktop painting software, PD Howler is still on a Black Friday sale for a few days. I will check out the new features when I get a chance for the blog soon.

WigglyPaint is a fun web based drawing/animation game/tool on People are posting their pictures in the comments thread on the page for it which is nice. It reminds me of the oekaki board days, although I sort of skipped using Oekaki boards, a lot of great digital artists started that way (Loish for example). OK it is a simple tool compared with some software these days but it looks like people are having fun with it which is all that matters really.

I made a little video about the program here:

Black Ink 2023 has a 60% off sale until the 5th of January. I had not noticed there was a new version of this software, I haven’t used it in years. It looks like a complete UI overhall and performance features for GPU systems.

Thanks for reading.

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