Resource Roundup

Resource Roundup for October 2023

Disclaimer: I haven’t been asked or paid to mention any of these resources by any of the people or companies associated with them (I should just put this in a banner across my website).

2D art

Ink brushes for Krita

Ramon Miranda has made 2 amazing sets of brushes for Krita which emulate various ink pens, brushes and texture effects. The video details how each brush works and optional settings you can change to get the best out of them. You can download the brush sets using the links in the video description for the brushes. The set is perfect for digital ink drawing and has lots of variation for different drawing styles.

real ink in Krita 5 for Inktober and more

Rotating Light Brushtips WIP

Emil on the Krita Artists forum has made some cool brushes for RGBA oil painting in Krita called rotating light brushtips. I have tried the brushes and they are pretty cool. They are still being developed by the artist but are available for download on the forum for people who wish to test them out.

PixelOver update

Pixel Over added the ability to add a depth map image to 3D images and animated images to create a vertex displacement effect.



Fab will be a new marketplace for digital content creators to discover, share, buy and sell digital assets. Basically Epic Games is unifying Quixel, Sketchfab, Unreal Engine Marketplace and ArtStation Marketplace into one.

Focal Lock

Focal lock is a free Blender addon to maintain a camera’s focal length/distance ratio.

VDM brushes in Blender 3.5 or newer

You can create VDM brushes for digital sculpting using Blender 3.5 or newer with the addon in the demo file created by Daniel Bystedt.

Interesting Stuff

Rebelle 6 and the Spiderverse

I recently learned that Rebelle 6 was one of the tools used in the production of Spider Man Across the Spider Verse. They used a special variation of the software to create animated watercolor effects for some of the scenes. The tool is available on the Rebelle website for people interested in it. It is called Rebelle Motion IO. It looks like some technical knowledge is needed to use the tool at this stage and it is only free to use for non commercial use.

Beyond The Screen: The Creators Behind “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse” | Sony Official

This website contains some really interesting making of information that most digital artists interested in NPR styles may be interested in.

October Art Month Challenge

Since I am on the topic of Rebelle I may as well mention that they are running an October Art Month Challenge at the moment. Looks like this is a soft news release for Rebelle 7 as well as winners get early access to it.

That is all for this article. If I discover any new things during this month I wil add them when I can.

Thanks for reading.

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