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Get Howler 2022 for Free

I think I have mentioned this in one of the resource roundups but here is a reminder that you can still download the full version of Howler (PD Howler AKA Project Dogwaffle- it’s all the same thing I think) 2022 for free. Howler sounds cooler though.

Today is the last day you can update to Howler 2024 from a previous version for $13.99 or buy it outright for $15.99 which is a pretty amazing price for such a massive program that does things many other software don’t and has some innovative features useful for digital painting, VFX and animation. The sale has been extended since I wrote this.

I was sorry to hear that the developer has had some hardships and illness lately so I will also link to his Patreon page where he is developing stories about a squirrel as well as developing Howler. A fellow squirrel in need… Of course purchasing Howler 2024 also helps him out and gives quite a lot in return. I have always been really impressed that the developers of Howler have listened to my feedback, given me advice on how to use the program and improved the software substantially over the few years I’ve had it.

There is a community for Howler on Facebook.

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