Resource Roundup

Resource Roundup End of May

This months resource roundup includes resources for 3D digital artists, Digital painters and animators.


I found a great hair curve brush for ZBrush by “artmonky“. There are some other cool resources in their Gumroad shop as well.

I was sculpting some stylized hair this week so I watched a video by Danny Mac which was a useful introduction.

I’ve used several of Michael Pavlovich’s YouTube tutorials when looking for things about ZBrush. This channel is a treasure trove of knowledge.

I came across another great YouTube channel for 3D tutorials and tips called @hartgameart.

Sam Nielson has a good selection of videos about using ZBrush as well.

Another thing I found and wanted to bookmark was a shoelaces brush for ZBrush which may come in handy if I ever need one.

There is also a Blender addon for generating shoelaces I thought looked interesting. I’m a big fan of work smarter not harder, although I must try to put that into practice more.

Digital Painting

I have not tried these yet but there are some interesting brushes on the Krita forum that are available for testing out by an artist called Emil. They also have a set I have tried called Memileo Brushes.

Another brush set to download from the Krita forum is one by Wavenwater for concept art traditional medium looks (markers and pens). They are made by a professional visual artist working in the entertainment industry so definitely worth a go.


There is a list of information about the use of AI and how it relates to Illustration business practice on the AOI’s website. I’m pretty much keeping well away from using AI. We will see what happens with the legality and ethics of it all in coming weeks and months I suppose.


I found an amazing animators blog. He goes by “The Lone Animator” and does stop motion animation techniques.

If you are wanting to try a program called Moho, the 12.5 version is on Humble Bundle at the moment. You can get it for £24 at the moment. I don’t know if this version could be updated to the 13.5 version, it may be worth checking with Lost Marble first just in case, but that could be a cheaper path to getting it if it works. The 12.5 version is pretty cool anyway though.

Another tool that may come in handy for artists working in 3D and with animation is this Line Curve Modifier for Blender.

The developers at PD Howler are working non stop on new 3D features for the program and have made a cool animated text effect.

Thanks for reading.

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