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Resource Roundup Christmas 2022

I’ve been just as distracted by the festivities as most people around this time of year, but I thought I would squeeze another resource roundup post in.

This months resource roundup includes tutorials and resources for 3D and 2D digital art, news about software and some interesting blogs I’ve found.

3D and 2D Digital Art Tutorials

Winter Wonderland

Grant Abbitt makes a lovely winter wonderland scene using Blender 3.4.

As a side note I did use this sort of approach recently for an Illustration I’ve just completed but I will blog separately about that at some point.

3DEX YouTube

I found some interesting tutorials for 3D art on this YouTube channel called 3dEx.

Will Terry YouTube

Will Terry has some great tutorials for people who want to make Illustrations for children’s books on his YouTube channel.

Resources for 2D and 3D Digital Artists

Quaternius 3D asset packs

You can download free sets of low poly 3D models from the Quaternius website.

Alex Zedig Diboine Brushpack

This is a brushpack by Alex Zedig Diboine for Photoshop, available on Gumroad. He also has one for line-art and flats.

Digital Art Software News

PD Howler 2023 on Steam

PD Howler 2023 is now available on steam as well as directly from their website.

There was also a cool new update to PD Howler recently which introduces some wonderful painterly impasto like brushes. Here is a video by Dan Richie the developer of PD Howler explaining the new brushes.

G’MIC plug-in available for Adobe users

The G’MIC plug-in is now available on the Adobe creative cloud marketplace as a free resource.

Rebelle 6

Escape Motions has released yet another new version of Rebelle, the digital watercolour and oil painting software. You can read about the new features on their dev blog.

Interesting Blogs

2D digital art and painting

I found this cool blog which talks about digital art technology called “2D digital art and painting” written by Dan Haden, the editor of Digital Art Live magazine. I can’t say I’m as into the generative AI Art stuff as he is though but each to their own.

That is all for now, thanks for reading and happy holidays.

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