Brushes from Sprite Sheets in PD Howler

I’ve been looking at how to make animated brushes in PD Howler using some free sprite sheet animations I downloaded from

The sprites I used in the video are from these sources:

Pixel Effects Pack

Forks of Flame

I made two narrated videos about this because I thought it would be better to show me doing the process rather than write about it. Talking on videos is fairly new to me but I will keep doing it in the hope I get better at it.

Part 1

Part 2

I do plan to do some more articles and videos on various features of PD Howler as well as other software and topics.

Animated brushes are also a feature you can play with in other painting software such as Krita, The Gimp, TVPaint and Corel Painter. Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop have duel brush (so does Krita).

Thanks for reading.

PS this is a great video by Dan Richie about how the timeline works in PD Howler for animated brushes.

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