Resource Roundup

Autumn 2022 Resource Roundup

Things feel a bit sparse lately when it comes to digital art related things I can mention in the resource roundup, but if I find anything else during Autumn I will add it to this article. It might just be because I’ve been re-organizing myself and doing an anatomy course on Udemy though.

Video Tutorials

SpeedChar ZBrush and Blender tutorials. Very good for learning anatomy.

MLW Creative, ZBrush to Photoshop Illustration based techniques. Speed sculpts and tutorials.

Nvidia Studio, lots of CG and VFX related art tutorials and workshops.

There is a new tutorial for some special effects brushes on the official Krita YouTube channel


I was looking at how artists use embroidery and applique to create art and Illustrations a while ago and came across the work of Salley Mavor. I love her charming work.

I also bought a book about Artful Paper Clay by Rogene Manas who uses mixed media to create art. Her work is very inspiring.

Posemaniacs is a royalty free 3D pose reference for artists.

Anatomy for Sculptors lives up to the hype. I bought this recently to help with my anatomy study.

Sculptober: during the month of October if you are into 3D sculpting you can join in for this online activity. I might do it next month if I need something to do since I completely forgot about it.


You can get all of the Escape Motions apps (even Rebelle 5 Pro) for $10 each during their 10th anniversary sale (ends soon on the 13th October sale has been extended- not sure how long, but get it while you can).

Penpot is an online collaborative design app like Figma but open source and free. Figma was recently bought by Adobe.

Nitter is a way to view Twitter without having to log in, it is a free and open source alternative Twitter front-end focused on privacy and performance. The source is available on GitHub at

Piped An open-source alternative front-end for YouTube which is efficient by design.

Nclay (free MIT licensed 3D sculpting app designed for artists) continues with development. I’ll have to give it another go and see how it goes!

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