Resource Roundup

Resource Roundup End of Summer

I’ve got a few things I can tell you about in this latest resource roundup post.

CG Art Resources and software

A new PBR value IOR website called Physically Based has been made.

Material Maker is a free procedural PBR material generator

DesignDoll is a tool (there is a free and a paid version) for making posable 3D characters for art. This has been around for some time now but I’ve seen it being used by 3D artists to generate base meshes for sculpting and it could be useful for Illustration and concept art use.

Rakurri Gradient Map Set for Krita is a large set of free gradients for use in Krita by Rakurri. Rakurri also writes about more art resources and makes brushes for Krita.

There are lots of free 3D models for making block outs and games by Zsky on I think I used some of them when I was planning out the Wolf and Hood Illustrations.

Vermillion (VR painting software) has a multiplayer Beta. I haven’t got VR capability but it might be interesting to those that do.

There is a free basic brush pack for 3DCoat by digital sculptor and character artist Tieguaili.

Ryan’s Tools: ZBrush plugin. I hadn’t heard of this until recently but it looks like a useful set of things for ZBrush.


I came across this offline (digital) Kanban board tool called Brisqi somewhere on my travels. It looks useful for dedicated / serious Kanban board creation. I’m using a free Kanban plugin in Obsidian at the moment.

Flameshot is a free Open Source screen shot tool I’ve been using.

Allusion is a new visual library manager tool designed for digital artists to manage lots of visual references (free and open source).


PSG Art Tutorial is a website by Arne Niklas Jansson of Android Arts. It is a very detailed tutorial for intermediate painters.

David Revoy has made an illustration from A to Z with Krita tutorial.

Artist Blogs

Sharp_fla (AKA Will T. Walker CG Generalist) has started a blog.

Comic artist Brian Shearer has an art blog.


There is a video discussion about what AI art might mean for the art industry (if anything) worth watching if you have the time. AI Town hall hosted by Karla Ortiz & Concept Art Association.

Interesting Research

I came across an interesting paper for a symmetry-driven 3d reconstruction from concept art sketches idea.

Flip Fluids Blender add-on is integrating the Mixbox colour blending in an experimental build.

Work is still going on for a new Nurbs based 3d modelling tool called Plasticity. Development Vlogs can be found on the developer for Plasticity’s YouTube page.

Work is also still on-going with a new 3d art tool called Unbound.

More development news about the VGC vector based software.

This is some background about how the 2d Illumination filter in G’MIC works by the developers of the tool.

Thanks for reading.

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