Pencil Sketching Brushes in Krita

Last week a new video was created by Ramón Miranda showing how to use his new pencil sketching brush set for Krita. The brushes are free and you can find links to them in the video description or on this thread at the Krita Artists forum.

I took part in the challenge to draw some sketches for the video and you can see the results toward the end of the video (camels and chipmunk drawings).

Ramón Miranda spent ages developing the brushes using his extensive knowledge of traditional mediums to aid in the development. He has made several brush sets for the Krita software to date which aim to emulate traditional art mediums as close as possible for the digital painting program. Brush engine improvements in Krita over the years have enabled amazing results so far.

In my experience of digital painting these brushes are the closest I’ve found to feeling like real pencils yet. They create the lovely grainy texture inherent to pencil sketches without having to resort to tricks with texture overlay layers and transparency masks (although you can do all of that as well if you want).

Give them a go!

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