Trying Some New Pencil Brushes for Krita

Over the last week or so I’ve been trying out some new pencil brushes which have been made by artist Ramon Miranda to emulate traditional media graphite drawing pencils. These are made for Krita and only work in Krita. In my opinion these brushes are absolutely amazing. I haven’t needed to resort to tricks with transparency masks and texture overlays with them, they just feel very natural to use. I have considered they would work really well with the G’MIC Artistic Stylize filter pencil texture trick I wrote about as well. I’ll test that out at some point.

I have only made a few sketches with them so far but many more people are also trying them out and posting their sketches and giving feedback on this thread at the Krita Artists forum if you are interested. The brushes are also available to download on the forum thread. There will be a video about them soon which Ramon is currently working on. I will write more about that as and when.


Here are some videos I’ve made showing the drawing process for these sketches as I was trying to get used to the brushes.

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