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Substance Modeler Beta

There is an open Beta for a new 3D sculpting application being developed by Adobe called Substance Modeler. You can read more about this and sign up here. At present it is Windows only software.

Interestingly it looks like this program is designed to work for both VR and desktop and uses a voxel based technology (like 3D Coat or Clayxels do) which probably means less emphasis on worrying about the more technical aspects of creating 3D art which could be good for getting right into the fun creative stuff with less of a steep learning curve.

Personally I do think the more technical things are worth knowing about as well, but I think programs that help people create art without that hurdle are good too. I started my journey into learning 3D art by getting a taste for it first with simpler programs such as Smoothie 3D.

Full disclosure I haven’t been asked to write about this and I haven’t signed up to the Beta (at least not yet). I am still not that keen on joining the subscription of the Adobe Suite right now and am currently happy using alternative software, but the Beta of Substance Modeler is free to try.

I remain open minded about using Adobe in the future if it turns out to be worth doing so. I’ve heard good things about Substance Painter as well. Right now I’m happy with Blender, ZBrush and 3D Coat, although there are still technical annoyances sometimes. For someone new to 3d however it could be well worth it, and if you are a student or teacher you can use the Adobe software for free.

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