Resource Roundup

Resource Round Up for May/June

Here is another resource round up article for art and design resources I’ve spotted around the web. during May and June 2022.


Lunacy is a free design software for Mac, Windows and Linux that comes with some AI features like image up-scaling, background removal, avatar generation and text generation. The AI features are really starting to ramp up around the web now. Some of these that aim to be tools for artists rather than replacements may be quite useful (in my opinion).

Avatar Mixer

Avatar Mixer is a free tool by Kenny to make different avatar images for use on the web, in games, videos and for tutorials.

Construct Animate

A new animation tool by Scirra software is being developed. They have been working on game development tools since 2011 with Construct 3. Construct Animate will be a standalone tool for doing animations and be useful for a variety of purposes such as educational videos, business training material, videos for games, website presentations and other creative uses. It is currently in open public Beta mode. You can find out more about it here.

Update March 2024: I forgot to check back on this but it is out of Beta.


Z-Anatomy is an open source 3D visualization resource for learning more about anatomy. Could be a useful tool for artists and medical students.

Perspective Plotter

Inspired by a free standalone tool called fSpy, Perspective Plotter is a plugin for Blender that helps you match a camera to an image and define perspective lines in the view port. Uses for this include creating 3D models from 2D sketches, matching a 3D scene to a 2D photo, or animating a camera dynamically.

Personally I think it may also be useful for 2D paint overs of 3D scenes, concept art and Illustration creation.


Another update for Honk has been made recently, version 3.0a is mainly a stability update with a few UI tweaks. Honk lets you make 2D avatars that talk and move with your microphone for videos. The developer of Honk is planning to add animation support in a future 3.1 version.

Update March 2024: this thing has not had an update in ages… but it still works.

Jigsaw Puzzle Creator Package for Unity

This Jigsaw Puzzle Creator Unity package can be used to make standalone Jigsaw puzzle games or mini-game jigsaw puzzles for use in larger games. An update has just been released which uses Unity 2021.3 (LTS).

Magic Pencil

Users of Aseprite may be interested in this extension called Magic Pencil which enables additional options for the pencil tool to use on your pixel art creations.

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