Clip Studio Paint 10th Anniversary

Clip Studio Paint is a program for digital painting, comic creation and Illustration work. They recently had another big update.

Summer 2022 Update – What’s New?

  • Updated app logo and splash screen to celebrate 10 years of Clip Studio Paint
  • Expanded support for Companion mode – now you can use Companion mode on all devices and platforms!
  • Webtoon preview functionality for Companion mode – preview how your webtoon will look to your readers as you work on it!
  • New color mixing palette – mix colors as if you were using a digital paint palette both on your main device and on your smartphone in Companion mode!
  • Text layers are now fully supported when exporting to Photoshop format files (PSD/PSB)
  • Improvements to shadows cast by 3D objects have been made – shadows now are cast corresponding to the direction of the light source

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