Magic Tints Colour Matching

Whilst I’m on the subject of useful things you can do with AI / machine learning and digital art, I thought I should let you know about a tool called Magic Tints. I bought Magic Tints a while ago and sort of forgot about it, but I’ve been playing with it over the last few days and it is pretty cool.

Full disclosure: I wasn’t asked or paid to write about it, I just thought it was worth mentioning.

With Magic Tints You can match a colour palette or a reference images colours to an image creating alternate colour variations / corrections or matching a bunch of images to a chosen colour scheme.

I tried it out with my recent Dark Crystal painting study and made some variations using some reference images for the colour matching. Some work better than others of course. The original image without colour variation is number 1. I like number 2 and 3.

magic tints colour variation test

Magic Tints comes as a stand alone application or a plugin for Photoshop. I’m using the desktop version for Windows.

Thanks for reading.

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