Trying out AI Image Enhancement

A few weeks back I was trying out a new program by Mediachance called AI Photo & Art Enhancer to see if it was any good for making my small studies bigger in case I decided to work into them more. The program is designed to add more detail to photos and art using AI.

Full disclosure- I wasn’t asked to write this article and I paid for the software myself. It is currently at an introductory price of $28.

I tried the program out on a few of my digital painting studies I’d made recently in Krita 5.

It seemed to work well at enlarging the images in a way that enhanced detail and brush marks.

The program has several preset modes for photographs and artwork, including one that is designed to work well with images that were created with their other software Dynamic Auto Painter. While I’m on the subject, there is a new version of Dynamic Auto Painter in development.

On the whole I thought the program was good at what it does and affordable. It might be one of those handy tools you never knew you needed. Perhaps useful for smaller artwork you need enlarging for a big print or for enlarging small studies without having to lose details with normal resizing methods.

Thanks for reading.

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