Resource Round-up

This is the last post I will make here just as a summing up of things I was researching before I came to that decision last month.

I’ve decided to move on from actively adding content to this blog so that I can focus on other things.

Non of these are sponsored or requested to be on the blog (same for all the rest of the blog BTW apart from the odd banner you may see from Creative Market, Rebelle or Clip Studio), they are just interesting resources I felt like sharing here.


Open Verse

Creative Commons media search.

Speed Painting Brush Set

David Revoy practical brush set for speed painting in Krita

Github Pages

Set up a free website for your project or portfolio


Online life drawing tool

Blender Add ons

Physics Dropper

Plugin for Blender for making gravity physics simulations from multiple objects

Layer Painter

Open Source texture painting plugin for Blender

Kei2m: Image to Mesh Add On

An add on for Blender to create meshes from 2D images

Grease Pencil from Mesh

Blender add on for making grease pencil objects from 3D meshes


AI Enhancer

A new software by Mediachance that enlarges images using AI techniques.


An Open Source screenshot tool


Repeat texture making tool

UV Unwrapper

Tool for unwrapping 3D objects with AI


Ambient noise app for Windows


Open Source reference image display/ sorting tool for artists and designers


Online 3D creation and motion graphics tool.

Thanks for reading, all the best.

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