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Digital Art Resource Roundup February Edition

I’ve seen some cool things around the internet to do with digital art and software which I wanted to share with you this month.


I’ve not been that interested / aware of NURBS / CAD based 3D modelling software if I am completely honest, Plasticity caught my eye because it is aimed toward concept artists.

The well known software MOI was an inspiration for the developer. I did try the demo for MOI once but I decided it wasn’t for me, not to say it wouldn’t be for someone else of course, It was so different to other 3D software I’ve tried so far that I felt too intimidated. Perhaps Plasticity will help soften the learning curve for this type of 3D software because it aims to be more familiar to people who use Blender.

Plasticity is being developed by Nick Kallen.

New Sculpting Features in Blender

I still haven’t tried much sculpting in Blender. I use ZBrush and 3DCoat for for my 3D sculpting and painting software so I haven’t really needed to. At present I find those software’s lighter on my CPU for sculpting. The main things I use Blender for are rendering out my completed models and occasional light polygonal modelling. Blender needs more power for its sculpting method, it works differently than ZBrush.

Developments of the sculpting branch in Blender were quite regular when a developer called Pablo Dobarro worked on the project. After leaving to pursue his own projects last December updates have been slower but are still being worked on. You can read about the planned updates on Blenders development blog.

PD Howler 2022.2

Digital painting and VFX software PD Howler, updates with the following improvements:

  • Completely rewritten warp mesh filter
  • rewritten floating color picker
  • New halo-free tone mapping tool replaces the older local contrast filter under the adjust menu
  • New centripetal and chordal parameters for curve tool to remove kinks at closely placed control points
  • New tone mapping parameter for the light diffusion filter helps keep the add combine mode from clipping
  • New paper layers

You can find out more about PD Howler and download a trial on the website.

Development is still continuing on PD Howler despite some setbacks over the last year or so for the developer. I aim to make more art with the program and try out the new features soon.


Goxel is a free open source 3D voxel editor available for Windows, Mac, Linux, IOS and Android not dissimilar to another software I have mentioned on the blog before called MagicaVoxel.


Clavicula is an updated version of a software I mentioned on the blog once called Neobarok (now gone and replaced with this). It can be used on desktop and VR. Their have been some new developments this month which you can read about on the developers Facebook page linked from his website.

Clavicula :: Pocket Universe

There are some videos on the developers YouTube channel demonstrating features of the software. It may be of interest to people with more experience of using 3D and some programming knowledge for the new shader layers.

Thanks for reading.

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