Updates to Exothermic and PD Howler

This is another one of those posts where I look at some art software with recent developments or updates that have caught my eye or I think might be interesting to readers of this blog.

Last year I made a big post going through developments and updates in software which I kept adding to throughout the year. This year I will make smaller posts of this nature every so often rather than one big post.

PD Howler

There is a new version of PD Artist available which is a cheaper and tailored down version of PD Howler for people who don’t want the animation or multi-frame rendering features.

You can read their news about the development of the software here.

The latest versions of PD Howler and PD Artist can be purchased on the developers website here.


Exothermic is a vector art tool in development with some interesting and innovative features designed for artists. They have recently improved their vector draw tool in version 1.2.23 adding a new refinement algorithm which handles intersections automatically.

There is a free version of the software for demo purposes and personal use and a commercial version.

VGC Software

I supported a Kickstarter campaign for the development of VGC Illustration last year because I thought it looked interesting. There haven’t been many developments yet but more funding has been secured for the project according to the last news update.

Thanks for reading. I’m working on some art projects at the moment which I will write about in due time, including one for a new 3D mascot for the blog.

I’ve also created a new Twitter account for the blog which you can follow me on here if you want more mini updates, but I’m keeping my time and involvement on it at a minimum and mainly using it to promote the existing blog articles.

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