Rebelle 5 Released

I honestly thought Rebelle 4 was amazing (which is why I am an affiliate for them) but there was a new version of Rebelle released on the 16th December 2021.

It took the Rebelle 5 development team two years to develop this new version and there have been several bug fix updates and improvements since the first release which I think is a good sign of them wanting to improve the program and listen to the user base for it.

There are two versions available at different price points, one is the standard Rebelle 5 and the other is a Pro version which has some more features. There is a comparison table available on the Rebelle website.

Rebelle 5 was released with some innovative new features including:

  • Pigments Colour Mixing System – Rebelle 5 is the first software in the world with real physical color mixing based on traditional pigments in a full RGB color gamut. This is only included in Rebelle 5 Pro. There is a post on the Rebelle blog explaining how it works.
  • NanoPixel – This feature is only included in Rebelle 5 Pro. It enables a zoom method based on NanoPixel machine learning technology to enlarge paintings on export so they still look natural and not pixelated. More information can be found here on the Rebelle blog.
  • Watercolor Granulation – granulation effects can be added to watercolor strokes for more realism. Granulation will slowly reveal when the painting is drying. More information here.
  • Improved Oils and Acrylics – In Rebelle 5 the oils and acrylics tool panel has been merged because they behaved similar to each other. Additionally the behavior of the oils and acrylics has been updated so that they are more controllable.
  • Multicolored and Dirty Brush – You can now pick multiple colors from the canvas with the color picker by holding down the shortcut key Alt for pick color or X for mix color and clicking several times on colors to load them into your brush stroke. In the Dirty brush mode the color you finish your previous stroke with will be loaded on to the brush tip at the beginning of your next stroke.
  • Express Oils – For fast painting. It uses only one color for the paint and no thickness. Also useful for glazing techniques.
  • Mixing Palette – A separate color mixing palette panel is now available if you like mixing your colors before you paint as in traditional painting.
  • Time-lapse Recording – time lapse will record your progress as you paint and let you export it as an .mp4 file for social media and video websites.
  • Full Color Papers – new full colored papers have been introduced for more realism when painting. A full-color Hemp paper will be included in the default set. More are available as purchasable add-ons from the Rebelle website.
  • Photoshop Plug-in – for Photoshop users a plug-in is now available with Rebelle 5 Pro which enables options for working back and forth in Photoshop and Rebelle.
  • Multiple Reference Images – You can load more than one image into separate image reference windows within Rebelle 5.
  • Volume Presets – Save the most frequently used volume parameters for Size, Opacity, Water, Oiliness, or Pressure to a new panel.
  • Curve Editors – Set custom curves for Opacity, Brush Size, Tip Tilt, Paint modes, and other settings in the Brush Creator. Moreover, you can modify the curve of the pen pressure sensitivity.
  • Inverted Masking – In Rebelle 5 you can choose to mask either opaque or transparent pixels of the masking fluid layer.
  • Color Management – The color management has been redesigned to work seamlessly with the Pigments color mixing in Rebelle 5 Pro.

I’ve been trying out the demo version of Rebelle 5.

Rebelle 5

The new color pigment system is a great addition. Colors mix as you would expect them to if you are used to traditional painting and the colors look much more vibrant.

Comparison of colour modes

There are lots of brushes to play with that come with the program by default.

Mediums in Rebelle 5

I will probably upgrade to Rebelle 5 to play with the watercolors and the more realistic color mixing very soon.

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