Krita 5 Released

Krita 5 was released just before Christmas 2021 and had its first bug fix on the 7th of January 2022 bringing it to the current version 5.02.

Krita is a free open source digital painting program which also has animation features. There were a lot of updates in version 5 of the program which you can read about in detail here on the official website for Krita.

The main features I was personally interested in were the improvements to the smudge painting engine and the ability to use it with the RGBA brushes. It gives a lovely oil painting sort of feel.

I have already made several images with the new version of Krita, including one of a red Siamese Fighting fish which I gave them permission to use in the promotional video.

The header image for this article is by an artist called Tyson Tan. The image is included in the Press Kit for Krita.

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