Good News for December

Things are feeling a little bleak for me lately with all the threats of lock-down after Christmas Day so I thought I would collate some good news stories I’ve heard from the digital art world.

ArtStation Learning to remain free

ArtStation joined with Epic earlier this year and provided free art courses for 2021. I thought this was going to stop next year but a week ago they announced the learning platform would remain free for all users.

You can read their blog post on this here. Looks like I haven’t got an excuse not to brush up on the fundamentals. Incidentally I think ArtStation is a great site and I have a portfolio on it here.

G’MIC updates to version 3.0

I’ve been interested in the development of this wonderful free open source framework for image processing for some time since discovering how useful it is.

The developer David TschumperlĂ© has written a summary article which goes over all the changes in a 2 year period here: G’MIC 3.0: A Third Dose to Process Your Images! When Krita 5 comes out it will include the latest version of G’MIC.

Krita 5 is coming out very soon…

As I write this it is quite likely that Krita 5 will be released tomorrow. I tried the Beta version out and it was such an improvement on the last version I can’t wait much longer, so I really hope it is true. You can read the release notes for the new version here. I’ll write another post when it comes out.

Thanks for reading and if I don’t write anything before the day, I hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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