Jigsaw Puzzle Creator Package for Unity

Stone Baked Games has released a tool for making your very own jigsaw puzzle games using the popular free game engine software Unity. The tool is available on Itch.io (early access) and comes bundled with the jigsaw puzzle game: The Adventures of Wolf and Hood as a demo for what the package can create. When the package is out of early access it will also be available on the Unity Asset Store. The developer explains:

The current version is “Early Access” as additional features may get added in the future.¬† When I consider this package to be feature complete¬†the price will increase to $25, but if you have purchased it during the early access phase you will be able to upgrade for no extra cost.

The package is currently being sold for $15 USD.

This package could be a cool way for artists and Illustrators to dip their toes into making games with the Unity platform as well as for anyone interested in making games to make their very own jigsaw puzzles for friends and family or even to sell.

The package comes with everything you need to create the jigsaw puzzle prefabs for your own game, although you will of course need to add your own puzzle images, menu system and other features you may require.

Tim Waskett, the developer has made a video explaining the usage of the package with an easy step by step guide to follow.

Find out more information about the jigsaw puzzle creator package and purchase it here on itch.io.

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