Making a 3D frog

One of my recent projects to practice 3D sculpting and painting was a frog. I decided to do a 3D sculpt of a frog study I had painted using Krita.

I used Curvy3D Go to make the base mesh for the sculpt and then I took it into ZBrush to do more work. I like Curvy3D go because it is easy to use for quickly blocking out 3D shapes. ZBrush does have a draw 3D mesh brush now with the balloon mask brushes but I haven’t really used it much yet.

I like sculpting in ZBrush though, it is nice to use. If you are looking to get into 3D sculpting there are many options around these days. I have heard that Blender is getting really good for learning digital sculpting and the advantage of Blender over ZBrush is the price.

After that I finally got around to painting the model using 3D Coat and Krita. I’ve tried Blender for painting in but I prefer 3D Coat. There are lots of other options for 3D painting software I talked about in a previous article.

Part 1
Part 2

Here is the final render (done with Blender Cycles).

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