Sculpting and Painting a 3D frog

One of my recent projects to practice 3D sculpting and painting was a frog. I decided to do a 3D sculpt of a frog study I had painted using Krita.

I used Curvy3D Go to make the base mesh for the sculpt and then I took it into ZBrush to do more work. I like Curvy3D go because it is easy to use for quickly blocking out 3D shapes. ZBrush does have a draw 3D mesh brush now with the balloon mask brushes but I haven’t really used it much yet.

I like sculpting in ZBrush, it is nice to use. If you are looking to get into 3D sculpting there are many options around these days. I have heard that Blender is getting really good for learning digital sculpting now but my computer can’t handle the levels of geometry in Blender that would need as well as ZBrush because the programs work differently from each other.

After that I finally got around to painting the model using 3D Coat and Krita. I’ve tried Blender for painting in but I prefer 3D Coat. There are lots of other options for 3D painting software I talked about in a previous article.

Part 1
Part 2

Here is the final render (done with Blender Cycles).

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