Painting 3D Rabbits with 3D Coat and Krita

Earlier this year I sculpted this rabbit in ZBrush and then painted it using 3D Coat and Krita.

It is also available on my Sketchfab page to view as a 3D model.

If you would like to see the process for the texture painting I recorded all of it for this model:

First I blocked in the base colours, then I added gradients. I added basic shading to the inner ear and to body areas. I blended the roughly shaded areas in Krita and used the AO and rendered light layers as a guide for the rendering.

After that more blending and hand painting was done on the diffuse texture in Krita. I refined visible seams and shading in 3D Coat after that. You have to check along the UV seams in the 3D view and blend them so they are not visible. I continued painting and blending in 3D Coat and added final details.

I’m currently working on painting a frog, but that model has a lot more detail so it will take a bit longer yet.

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