Texture Painting 3D Models

I’m currently working through texturing some 3D models I’ve made and in the process I’ve been learning a few more things about the software I use and trying some different workflow and technical approaches. At present I am using a program called 3D Coat to do the UV mapping, baking and the PBR based texture painting. I also use Krita to edit the texture maps and do additional texturing work.

I still consider myself pretty new to this way of creating art and there are many things I still need to work on and that I find frustrating. I’ve found that documenting my process with the little projects I practice the techniques on is helpful to the learning process.

Going forward I think it might be better if I work on low poly models or simpler models for a while, something I had read was a good thing to do early on (insert silent scream). The whole 3D creation and texturing process can be pretty time consuming and technical, so keeping things more manageable and achievable may be a better strategy.

Although I am still a newbie in 3D art, I hope the blog articles I will write about my upcoming personal 3D projects will be interesting. I have found that writing down my process and thoughts on a topic helps the knowledge sink in more and can spark other ideas, although it does take time to write. I recommend you do it with your own projects. You can write for a personal blog or keep a private diary and notes for your discoveries and workflow (or do both).

I have written articles on this blog which mention texture painting and software, but I haven’t really gone into it in very much detail or shown the process. The articles were written from a beginners perspective, intended at the time for both myself and other people trying to learn the workflow basics of the 3D art process.

I want to find some guided online courses (free or affordable ones…) so that I can progress in texturing 3D models now that I’ve dipped my toe in. I understand the basics and I know it is something I like to do. I’ll keep you updated on that and let you know if I find some good ones. If anyone reading this has any suggestions feel free to let me know and I might even mention them in a future article. I particularly like the hand painted style and that makes sense to do for me since I already do 2D digital painting.

Here is a little gallery of some of the personal 3D texturing projects I’ve worked on so far.

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