Get PD Howler 2020 for Free

Daniel Ritchie, a developer of PD Howler, is offering the 2020 version of PD Howler as a free download and asking if people can help him with a Gofundme fundraiser campaign to raise money for a new laptop for the future development of PD Howler 2022.

I do like using PD Howler for expressive painting and sketches now and then. I haven’t even touched the surface of what the program can do with regards to all of its other features but you can find out more on their website. I’ve been having a little go tonight and I sketched a few squirrels (just for a change 🙂 ).

squirrel sketches

Daniel Ritchie also writes and Illustrates a series of squirrel themed books called the Silver Squirrel adventure books!

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