Podcasts for Illustrators and Designers

There are some more podcasts in particular I’ve found around the internet. Here is a round up of the ones I’ve listened to so far. Edit: I keep adding more as I find them so check back from time to time :-).

Most are art related but listening to other topics such as science, social issues and history can be very useful.

Lean into Art

Bancroft Brothers Podcast

Adventures in Design

Ross Baxter

Once Upon a Sketch

1 Fantastic Week

Creative Pep Talk

FZD Design Cinema

The Creative Condition Podcast

The Visual Storytelling Podcast

Make it Then Tell Everybody

Creative Trek

Picture Booking Podcast

Artists Helping Artists

Illustration Age

The Illustration Department

Illustration Insights

Your Creative Push

Design Life

Society of Illustrators

Pencil Kings

Kick in the Creatives

The Collective Podcast

Illustration Hour

Women of Illustration

The Creative Edge


Bobby Chiu

Painted in Color

The Creative Endeavour

After Skool

Academy of Ideas

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