Podcasts for Illustrators and Designers

Edit March 2024: Personally I rarely listen to podcasts anymore, I generally listen to movie soundtracks and classical music when I work. I’ll keep this article here in case it is useful.

I’ve gone through the links removing broken ones. I notice that many of the podcasts have stopped being active but the links that still work may still be of interest to people if you like listening to interviews and random advice from artists. The ones without notes are still fairly up to date at the time of this edit.

Lean into Art (Ended 2019)

Bancroft Brothers Podcast

Adventures in Design

Ross Baxter

Creative Pep Talk

The Creative Condition Podcast

The Visual Storytelling Podcast (seems to have gone)

Your a Better Artist than you Think (this is another podcast by Chris Oatley)

Make it Then Tell Everybody (This is still here but is no longer active)

Creative Trek Not sure if this is still active but it is still here.

Artists Helping Artists On a four year break…

Illustration Age Stopped 2018

The Illustration Department

Illustration Insights Last update 2019

Design Life

Society of Illustrators Not active

Pencil Kings Last update 2021

Kick in the Creatives

The Collective Podcast

Illustration Hour Last update 2020

Women of Illustration Last update 2020

The Creative Edge


Bobby Chiu Ended 2023, started Chiu on THIS.

Chiu on THIS

Painted in Color

After Skool Philosophy and stuff

Academy of Ideas Philosophy and stuff

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