Keep Calm and Carry on Creating

There are a few more digital art/painting related things I’ve noticed around the internet which I wanted to share.

David Revoy released a new brush pack for Krita

David Revoy has made 18 new brushes for Krita which he developed from working on his comic Pepper and Carrot. He has released them on his website here with an accompanying video explanation: Krita brushes 2021 bundle.

Ramon Miranda made some crayons for Krita

Ramon Miranda has a knack for making excellent brush sets for tra-digital Illustration methods in Krita. He he goes again with a wonderful set of crayon brushes. You can get the free download in the video description for the accompanying YouTube video.


PD Howler 2020 is being offered as a free download.

The developer for PD Howler is running a crowd funding campaign to raise money for a new laptop, they are also letting people download PD Howler version 2020 for free. Donations are optional, but bear in mind they are stuck in Canada with a chip shortage. I recently upgraded to PD Howler 2021 which I did mention in this article recently. The program is always improving so I hope development can continue.

I opened a shop

I have opened a shop here on The Art Squirrel. I’ll be designing more things and adding to the shop in the coming weeks and months. Hopefully it will give me an added incentive to keep making art. I will be making some squirrel related designs as well, but for now I am focusing on goldfish (why not?). Eventually I’ll get to dragons. You have to start somewhere.

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